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Choosing a Companion Bird

CHOOSING A COMPANION BIRD The pro’s and con’s of the species listed below are only a guide, before buying a pet bird of any size, please research thoroughly as many parrots live for many years, so making a decision to by a parrot will probably be a lifelong commitment. There are advantages and disadvantages to […]

Owning a Bird

OWNING A BIRD A few pointers to keep your parrot happy: Firstly, foods which are dangerous for all birds are Chocolate, avocado pears and onions. All can kill your parrot. Feeding In the mornings at 8am all our birds get Fruit and vegetables.  You can buy mixed vegetables and take them out in the evening […]

Care of your Hedgehog

Hedgehog Care Hedgehogs are easy to look after if you have a few things they need in place to keep them happy and healthy. We supply all our pet hedgehogs with the basic diet essentials to make it easier for you. Getting your Hedgehog Home When you get your new pet home, the best is […]

About Chinchillas and their Care

INTRODUCTION The keeping of chinchillas as pets is relatively new, most people think of a cat when they here chinchilla. Chinchillas are mammals and part of the rodent order along with rabbits, mice, rats and guinea pigs to name a few. There are 2 species of which we keep the chinchilla lanigera, this is the […]