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Lindale farm was the fulfilment of a dream for myself, Terry, and my wife ,Robyn. When we met, I had a few breeding birds and Robyn a horse, it soon became evident that we both had a love for animals. Living in town meant that the horse was in livery on someone else’s farm and the number of birds was restricted as we lived in a flat. Soon we had to spread our wings a bit and move to a house with a large yard, still no place for a horse, but the number of birds increased as the aviaries went up, but there was a limit.
Then one day a friend introduced me to her chinchillas, when I saw these furry little rodents, I knew I just had to have some. With a bit of research I soon found out more about the chinchillas and was now ready to build cages and look for my first chins. I bought 2 babies from our friend, but was not satisfied with just having the beige variety, so back to the internet. While browsing I soon came across a few sites that interested me, and I saw colour varieties I just had to have. During my time on the net I came across Minipets, here I learnt a lot about chinchillas from Karen, for which I am thankful, as it was in the best interest of the chins.
Soon it became evident that the yard space in town was just not big enough for our dreams, so next move would be to by a farm. The horse in livery was now 2 horses, the birds had grown to about 150 birds of all sizes and the chinchillas had become 8. To this we added gerbils and hamsters. After much saving and looking at potential smallholding we found our new home.
With the new home came new arrivals as well. To join our 2 dogs was one adopted with the farm, the horses were soon joined by a pony for the kids, a miniature horse (Levard) and a donkey (Spanner). Then the ducks, chickens and many more birds, we have started with 41 aviaries of different sizes, this will soon grow as time marches on.
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Terry & Robyn Bush

Terry Bush

Robyn Bush